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Advanced Testimonial Carousel for Elementor

Advanced Testimonial Carousel for Elementor. You can add an image, name, description, title, added Unlimited slider.
You can customize the image, name, description, and title. Additional options etc.

WooCommerce Add To Cart Button Customizations

Add to cart button customization for WooCommerce, button color, button font size, button radius, and added button icon, etc. Hide add to cart button on a single product, Hide add to cart button on the shop page, WooCommerce price hide on a single product and shop page. Add to cart button text change in single product and shop page. There are Global Settings options you can set add to cart button to hide on the shop page, single page, or global page. You can set add an icon on add to cart button text before or after.

Advanced Slider for Elementor

Advanced Slider for Elementor. You can add background image, title, content and button, added Unlimited slider.
You can customize background, title, describes and button. Additional options etc. Additional options, Styling title, content, button, background Overlay etc pro features.

Advanced Image Comparison for Elementor

Advanced Image Comparison is a fully Responsive.
You can comparison your image. Comparison before image and after image. You can also image filtering.
Customize image container, image radius, image border. Label customizing text color, background color border radius etc.
You can set image overlay. Divider width, color. Handle color, background color, border radius etc.
Additional options image visibility set, layout, move slider on click, move slider on hover, image overlay.


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